Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Flash is bigger than your Silverlight

In what can only be referred to as a playground pissing contest, I've been coming across quite a few posts by Adobe developers reacting to the news of Microsoft's release of Silverlight (formerly WPF/e) and the inevitable conclusion by this observer is that Adobe and it's developers are worried and are acting out, like children in a playground who just noticed a new kid with a better ball than them. With good reason I might add.

To start with, in my brief testing and review of Silverlight and it's capabilities, it is nothing short of stunning. And the potential for this technology is tremendous, and cross browser to boot (except for linux that is). Silverlight is without question a competitor to Adobe's Flash offering, which has more or less owned the market for vector animations and rich dynamic applications for quite a while. It's features are quite similar, both have a light install footprint, but more than that, even in it's beta release form, the video performance of Silverlight exceeds that of Flash. And to sweeten the pot, the upcoming version 1.1 opens up development to all .NET developers as it includes a reasonably full subset of the framework.

With all this going on, it is understandable that adobe and it's developers would be a mite perturbed. But instead of taking a step back and examining where they need to innovate and go from here to bolster competition, many of them are taking the juvenile step of attacking the technology and Microsoft, seemingly on every little weakness or deficiency of the technology. Nitpicking at this and that like kids at a playground. And interestingly, so far, this has been mostly one sided. Alessandro Crugnola, a well known flash developer referred to it as "Fear of Silverlight".

I am a big admirer of Adobe, quite frankly, as far as software goes, if there were software groupies, I'd be one. But I have to say, in this most recent outburst of emotion towards Silverlight, they leave a lot to be desired.


geekglue said...

This might seem a tad incestuous but I added this post to my list of "quite a few posts" that you've linked to.

Anonymous said...

JT -
Come on man...

"juvenile step of attacking the technology and Microsoft"

If someone/some company blatantly lies in the publis domain, that should be refuted no?

You are obviously in bed with M$ - so How would you react to the following headline? :

"Adobe Unveils 'Visualization Studio' as Visual Studio Killer!"

You seem to be whining that the Adobe camp is railing against poor lil ol M$ like this was unprovoked.

Seriosly man, you cant release crappy public beta, and in the same breath claim to have killed your competitors. LOL! 10 years of progress!

This is all hype. At the end of the day, you will not be able to "integrate" your creative group into your visual studio workflow - thus the creatives will use the tools they always have. Silvelight has no value to designers.

Everyone seems to forget that the designers will be doing the work that you see, not you developers.

If you are lucky, you can do both design and code - and if thats the case, you sure as hell dont need anther tool and another framework to deliver the goods.

Good luck M$ clones.

Keep up the misinformation, maybe you will confuse some newbs into making the wrong technolgy decision, but those of us who know better will continue delivering everything you are trying to copy.